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I doubt that anyone enjoyed this concert more than Myriam Avalos and I. Myriam is a concert pianist, associated with the National Symphony Orchestra, and a very successful chamber musician. Congratulations on stumbling across this recital, and thanks for your email, or I would not have heard about the concert.

Burnett Thompson Music (Austrian Embassy Holzmaier concert attendee)

French Embassy Dance Soiree

Our dance soirees at the French Embassy provide a wonderful opportunity to meet other ICDC members while learning how to ballroom dance and enjoying French desserts and wine.

New Year's Eve Gala Nightclub Experience

Our New Year's Eve Gala includes 8 themes of entertainment with live bands, DJs, and other entertainers presenting a variety of music for a magnificent New year's Eve celebration. The nightclub experience is one of the most popular themed ballrooms of our New Year's Eve gala.

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